Mesa Outdoor Activities

Mesa Outdoor ActivitiesNever mind the fact that Mesa is in the middle of the hot, dry state of Arizona. There is much more natural beauty here to enjoy than the average person might expect. Not only can you gaze at the vast expanse of the beautiful desert landscape, there are also several outdoor surprises in the city that await you. They include relaxing parks, picturesque trails, and even a wet and wild ride down the Salt River. So get your sunglasses and sunscreen and get ready to spend a fun-filled day enjoying some of Mesa's most inviting natural attractions.

Salt River Tubing
When the mercury begins to rise in Mesa, beat the outdoor heat in a really fun way by taking an unforgettable ride down the Salt River. The cool, mountain stream waters are not only inviting because of their refreshing qualities, you can spend time floating down the river in a tube that will allow you to lazily glide along the current. Tube rentals are available, and there is even a specific tube that can accommodate an ice chest, so there is no excuse for not keeping cool!

Address: Corner of Power Road and Bush Hwy, Mesa, AZ - MAP
Phone: (480) 984-3305

Pass Mountain Trail
Striking natural beauty awaits you when you take to the Pass Mountain Trail. This trail loops through the western Goldfield Mountains which are northeast of Mesa. If you feel like getting away from it all, this trail will make you feel as if you did, since its remoteness is one of its many attributes. The trail stretches out for 2.3 miles and while challenging at times, is still inviting enough for even the most casual trail enthusiast to enjoy it and the great outdoors.

Address: Mesa, AZ - MAP

Quail Run Dog Park
Man's best friend needs to get out and enjoy some recreation just like his human friends do, so enjoy a day outdoors together with your pooch when you make plans to visit the Quail Run Dog Park. This is a completely fenced 3-acre area that includes such amenities as separate areas for timid and active dogs, park benches, water fountains and much more.

Address: 4155 East Virginia, Mesa, AZ - MAP
Phone: (480) 644-2352

Y-Bar Basin-Barnhardt Canyon
Want to hit the trail and experience something truly memorable? Then plan to spend some time outdoors at the Y Bar Basin-Barnhardt Canyon Loop. This is an area that seamlessly melds what appears to be untouched wilderness with well-marked and well-maintained trails. It is, in a sense, the best of both natural worlds. The route of the trail will take you around the range's highest peak as well as a variety of different types of terrain located in the Mazatzal Wilderness.

Address: Mesa, AZ - MAP

Superstition Farm Tour
If you're the type of nature and outdoors lover that enjoys growing your own vegetables and going back to the basics, then you will completely be in your element when you take the Superstition Farm Tour. This is an actual working dairy farm in Mesa, and tours are available on a walk-in basis only. When you do take the tour, you will see first hand all of the preparations and daily duties that today's farmers are responsible for in keeping their farms productive. And don't be surprised if, along the course of your tour, you are pressed into performing a chore or two!

Address: 3440 South Hawes Road, Mesa, AZ 85212 - MAP
Phone: (602) 509-5295

Hawes Loop Mountain Bike Trail
If you are one of those people who think that the world looks better from behind a set of bicycle handlebars, then you definitely need to experience the thrill of taking on the Hawes Loop Mountain Bike Trail. This trail overlooks the city and the view from every vantage point is nothing less than spectacular. The McDowell Mountains are eastward and the city of Phoenix is to the west. The northward view features both Red Mountain and the Salt River. In addition to taking water and your helmet, you just might want to bring along your camera, too!

Address: Mesa, AZ - MAP