Mesa Museums & History

Mesa Museums & HistoryThe expansive areas in and around Mesa hold within them many stories of its past. Whether they are related to natural forces or historical events, these pieces of bygone eras are continually preserved in the city's most recognized museums. Art, culture and even the relentless energy of a child's curiosity are all spotlighted in various engaging and educational exhibits and presentations that continue to capture the imaginations of the many visitors who experience Mesa's many museums and historical places.

Arizona Museum for Youth
A child's curiosity can be relentless. That energetic and inquisitive nature of children is celebrated and encouraged at the Arizona Museum for Youth. Interesting and interactive exhibits are everywhere in this unique venue, with many of them focusing on developing imagination and creativity. In addition to its many exciting and informative activities, the facility is worth visiting for many reasons, most notably because it is just one of two museums of its kind in the country.

Address: 35 N Robson, Mesa, AZ 85201 - MAP
Phone: (480) 644-2850

With so much natural beauty surrounding it, a visit to the Arizona Museum of Natural History is a sure bet for a highly educational and entertaining time. Considered one of the best museums in the state, this facility offers lots of dramatically designed and well-presented exhibits. Perhaps the most famous of these is “Dinosaur Mountain” which features several attention-getting devices to tell its prehistoric story. A constantly flowing 50-foot-high indoor waterfall is just another of this museum's many highlights.

Address: 53 North Macdonald Street, Mesa, AZ 85201 - MAP
Phone: (480) 644-5662

East Side Art Gallery
There is no question that the desert that surrounds the East Side Art Gallery in Mesa is a unique work of art in its own right. Still, that obvious fact doesn't stop art lovers from visiting this highly impressive venue that features some truly visually compelling pieces by several local, regional and nationally recognized artists. This historic art center was originally founded in the 1930s, and has been offering art lovers in Mesa an inviting venue in which to enjoy the art that they love ever since then. There are nine artist studios in the gallery, which offers visitors a chance to see not only works in progress, but the dazzlingly appealing finished works upon completion.

Address: 9919 East Apache Trail, Mesa, AZ 85207 - MAP
Phone: (480) 986-5450

Arizona Wing Commemorative Air Force Museum
History takes flight in a most spectacular way at the Arizona Wing Commemorative Air Force Museum. This highly unique facility houses planes that were flown in World War II and features several meticulously preserved aircraft that include a restored B-17 known as “Sentimental Journey” as well as a number of war birds that are, amazingly, still flyable. The museum also features exhibits and presentations that give visitors a feel for what life was like both on the front lines and back in the United States during the war.

Address: 2017 North Greenfield, Falcon Field Airport, Mesa, AZ 85213 - MAP
Phone: (480) 924-1940

Mesa Historical Museum
When the first settlers arrived in what now is the city of Mesa, they were faced with building a life for themselves and their families in a relatively desolate part of the country. See how they took that desolation and made it flourish when you visit the Mesa Historical Museum. This fascinating facility is located in what was once a school house that dates back to 1913. Inside, you will find a fascinating collection of artifacts that piece together the stories of how the town was settled. Various artifacts, documents, photographs, furniture and agricultural implements are all thematically displayed to help give visitors a focused and compelling view of Mesa's origin and history.

Address: 2345 North Horne Street, Mesa, AZ 85201 - MAP
Phone: (480) 835-7358