Mesa Attractions

Mesa is one of those cities that exudes not only charm, but also a vibrant spirit of movement and activity. To say that there's always something going on that is worth seeing in Mesa is truly an understatement. Whether you're visiting for the first time or you're a local out for a day of fun with friends and family, you'll find that there are plenty of must-see destinations here to capture your imagination, engage your senses, and actually teach you something new about Mesa that, despite being in the desert, proves to be an oasis of memorable attractions.

Brinton Desert Botanical Garden
Spending time in Mesa usually means that you'll be dealing with the desert air and sometimes intense heat. But those conditions won't stand in your way of experiencing some breathtaking natural attractions when you visit the Park of the Canals/Brinton Desert Botanical Garden. This truly captivating slice of nature is a 30-acre oasis that is the home of the state's largest botanical garden. In addition to its obvious beauty, the site is significant for its archeological digs and excavations. When you walk through the park, you will be able to see 4,500 feet of ancient Ho Ho Kam Indian irrigation ditches that date back to 700 BC. Indigenous plants and cacti are everywhere, as well as a playground for the kids.

Address: 1710 North Horne, Mesa, AZ 85203 - MAP
Phone: (480) 644-2352

Usery Mountain Regional Park
You can't be in Mesa without taking advantage of the opportunity of experiencing the Usery Mountain Regional Park. This is an impressive 3,400-acre urban park that is easily accessible from Mesa and is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy such activities as biking, hiking, archery and camping. The many hiking trails range from easy to fairly difficult as the elevation ranges from 1,700 to 2,750 feet. As you casually stroll through the park, you can enjoy the many plants and cacti, and even stargaze on special nights when the Parks Department hosts the event, complete with telescopes.

Address: 3939 Usery Pass Road, Mesa, AZ 85207 - MAP
Phone: (480) 984-0032

Arizona Museum for Youth
Kids of every age (including some that might be adults) will love visiting the Arizona Museum for Youth. While there are plenty of amazing and captivating works of art to be enjoyed here, they are all placed at the appropriate eye level of the facility's more diminutive guests. Hands-on, interactive attractions are highly encouraged in the forms of everything from being a part of various exhibits to creating arts and crafts. There are also several activity play areas available. Even though the museum is designed for kids who range in age from toddlers to about 12 years old, guests of every age will realize that this museum is so much more than just kids' stuff.

Address: 35 North Robson Street, Mesa, AZ 85201 - MAP
Phone: (480) 644-2467

Salt River Tubing
While it's obvious that when you spend time in Mesa, you're in the Arizona desert, that doesn't mean that you can't cool down in a really fun way by experiencing the fun of Salt River Tubing. Drift along the river through the Tonto National Forest to experience some truly amazing and breathtaking scenery. The duration of your tube-oriented adventure varies and depends on where your starting point is as well as the current of the river. Children must be at least eight years old and four feet tall to enjoy this attraction. One convenient fee covers the cost of parking, tube rental and shuttle service. A deposit may be required. Also, don't forget to bring snacks, sunglasses and sunscreen!

Address: 1320 N Bush Highway, Tonto National Forest, Mesa, AZ 85215 - MAP
Phone: (480) 984-3305

Mesa Historical Museum
Get a surprisingly accurate picture of what Mesa's history was like when you visit the Mesa Historical Museum. The attraction is situated in what was once an old school house that dates back to 1913. The museum was made possible by several contributions from many of Mesa's citizens and features an impressive collection of vintage pieces that include items used by early pioneer families, documents, photographs and various agricultural equipment. There are also some highly detailed murals that adorn the walls that serve to portray an even more accurate picture of what early life in Mesa was really like.

Address: 2345 North Horne Street, Mesa, AZ 85201 - MAP
Phone: (480) 835-7358

Apache Trail Tours
Get an amazingly unique historical perspective of Mesa and its surrounding area when you book your spot on the Apache Trail Tour. The excursion features a rollicking jeep ride that moves along the rugged trail into the Superstition Mountains. The basic tour lasts about two hours but there are longer packages available that include gold panning and even full day adventures that allow you to spend more time in some of the area's most beautifully scenic landscapes.

Address: 4650 North Mammoth Mine Road, Goldfield Ghost Town, Apache Junction, AZ - MAP
Phone: (480) 982-7661

Arizona Wing CAF Museum
Some of the most daring moments of World War II can be revisited in a most spectacular way when you spend some time at the Arizona Wing CAF Aviation Museum. See attractions like some of the actual planes that were flown during the World War II era. While this facility features several noteworthy aircraft, the star of the show is one affectionately named “Sentimental Journey,” a fully restored B-17. These amazing planes have been so meticulously refurbished that many are still able to fly. Your visit will be augmented by several additional vintage memorabilia as well as photographs and a handful of exhibits.

Address: 2017 N Greenfield Road, Falcon Field Airport, Mesa, AZ 85213 - MAP
Phone: (480) 924-1940

Superstition Farm
It might seem like a scene straight out of the movie City Slickers when you experience the unique and sometimes unpredictable attractions on an actual working farm. The experience, or “tour” is offered on a purely walk-in basis at Mesa's Superstition Farm. Visitors will get a true-to-life look at what life on a dairy farm is like by participating in various daily activities that will no doubt leave participants with an even deeper appreciation for the work that our nation's farmers do everyday.

Address: 3440 South Hawes Road, Mesa, AZ 85212 - MAP
Phone: (602) 509-5295