Hidden Treasures in Mesa

Hidden Treasures in MesaSometimes, the routine of the everyday grind can wear you down to the point that you begin to not notice things. When you start to feel that way, it might be time to relax a little and take a closer look around at your surroundings. Usually, upon a second look, you begin to notice things that you never took note of before. Sometimes, those things may be places that offer you something a little extra. That special, hard-to-find item, customer service that is above and beyond or just the feeling you get when you spend time in your newly discovered favorite place. These places and experiences are known as hidden treasures, and, luckily for you, Mesa is filled with plenty of them.

Beyond Expression Antiques
Don't let the exterior of Beyond Expression Antiques fool you. Despite having an unassuming simple adobe exterior, a fascinating world of antiques awaits to be discovered once you step through the door. You will be immediately impressed with the selection of vintage and Victorian furniture that the shop carries that are made up of Eastlake, Rococo and Renaissance pieces. You will also find a stunning selection of vintage glass, silver, and porcelain that include works by Galle, Loetz, and Tiffany.

Address: 3817 East McKellips Road, Mesa, AZ 85215 - MAP
Phone: (480) 854-7755
Web: www.beyondexpressionantiques.com

Mesa Market Place Swap Meet
The art of the trade is something that merchants have done for centuries. That tradition is still at the heart of the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet. Every weekend, hundreds of bargain hunters convene at this popular market which features over 1,600 vendors that bring an incredible selection of merchandise. Admission is free and the parking is, too. There are various restaurants available to offer you a quick bite before you get back to the serious business of bargain hunting and swapping.

Address: 10550 East Baseline Road, Mesa, AZ 85209 - MAP
Phone: (480) 380-5572
Web: www.mesamarket.com

Route 66 & Diecast Car Store
If you ever collected Matchbox or Hotwheels cars as a kid, then you will want to make a beeline to the Route 66 and Die Cast Car Store in Mesa. This is a dream come true for collectors, as the store features an incredible selection of die cast cars that is unparalleled. In addition to all the vintage sets of tiny wheels, the store features antique gas pumps, jukeboxes, kid's pedal cars, license plates, and even vintage signs and posters. When you visit, plan to stay awhile as you will want to see as much of the sprawling inventory as possible.

Address: 4815 East Main Street, Suite 24, Mesa, AZ 85205 - MAP
Phone: (480) 654-0817

Art Gems, Inc.
If the words “crafts” and “beads” prove to be a powerful combination to you, then you will find a haven of supplies, ideas, and yes, countless beads when you visit Mesa's Artgems, Inc. This store is one of the biggest suppliers of beads and beading supplies in the country. The selection of beads is nothing short of amazing, as you will find glass and metal beads in every style, shape, color and size. The store also features various semi-precious gemstones, shell beads and more. And if you're feeling creative, you can also pick up the necessary supplies to make your own necklaces and bracelets.

Address: 4860 East Baseline Road, Mesa, AZ 85206 - MAP
Phone: (480) 545-6009

When you step into Found, you will know immediately that you have discovered a truly special place. The store specializes in home furnishings and accessories that will add just the right touch of class and softness to your home, no matter what your present décor is like. Mirrors, framed art, and linens are just a part of Found's impressive and classy inventory. The store also features special sections that are devoted to gifts for babies and brides-to-be.

Address: 166 West Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85201 - MAP
Phone: (480) 733-0552
Web: www.founddesign.co

Bookman's Entertainment Exchange
Get into the groove when you browse through the bins of classic vinyl LPs at Mesa's Bookmans Entertainment Exchange. Out-of-print treasures, imports and hard-to-find records abound, but that's not all you'll find here. There is also an equally inviting selection of video games, books, magazines, comics, musical instruments, sound systems and more. Bookmans' goal is to minimize the number of things that people throw away and recycle them by reselling them to new owners while offering an always-changing inventory to its shoppers. Everybody wins, with a little help from Bookmans!

Address: 1056 South Country Club Drive, Mesa, AZ 85210 - MAP
Phone: (480) 835-0505
Web: www.bookmans.com