Arts, Music & Entertainment in Mesa

Arts, Music & Entertainment in MesaThe stage is set. All you have to do is buy your ticket! Mesa is the home of a truly vibrant and ever-growing arts, music and entertainment scene. Some of the area's most talented artists have their work displayed in Mesa's many museums and galleries. Also, there's music everywhere, from the tight, rocking sounds of a great live band to the sweepingly dramatic notes expertly played by the city's symphony. And don't forget the equally impressive dramatic and comedic productions that are presented by the area's various theater groups. So if it's the best in arts, music and entertainment that you want, Mesa is just the ticket.

Mesa Arts Center
There's an unequaled depth and breadth of scope in the wide variety of arts that are frequently presented at the Mesa Arts Center. Enjoy everything from national theater productions, live concerts, art exhibits, dance, comedy, art classes, and much more. For some of the best sights and sounds that make up the city's exciting arts and entertainment scene, there's a good chance that it is happening at the Mesa Arts Center.

Address: 1 East Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85201 - MAP
Phone: (480) 644-6500

Southwest Shakespeare Company
While the works of William Shakespeare have been presented in many different styles and mediums, there's something special about the way the Southwest Shakespeare Company interprets and infuses his work with their styled and engaging performances. The entertainment company has been paying homage to the iconic writer for over ten years through an always-impressive variety of dozens of productions. The shows are put on by not only an expert group of directors and technical personnel, but also by classically trained professional actors who skillfully link the spirit of Shakespeare's original work to some of today's contemporary issues.


Symphony of the Southwest
There's classic rock and then there are classics that rock. The performances staged by the Mesa Symphony of the Southwest most definitely fall into the latter category. Formerly known as the Mesa Symphony Orchestra, this group of highly skilled musicians have been impressing audiences with live music entertainment since they first debuted back in 1956. The symphony undertakes a full schedule of performances throughout the year that not only spotlight the work of classical composers like Bach and Mozart, but they also present various concerts designed to appeal to some of the area's younger music lovers. Under the direction of maestro Cal Stewart Kellogg, that tradition is set to continue for many years to come.


Nile Theater
There's nothing quite like enjoying an electrifying live music performance. It is a seemingly surreal experience, when the band that is on stage seems to connect with everyone in the audience. Moments like that are more the norm than the exception when you check out the impressive schedule of concerts at Mesa's Nile Theater. Specializing in alternative music, the entertainment venue also presents folk and mainstream rock acts who prove to not only be electrified by the enthusiasm of Mesa audiences, they go on to turn in nothing less than unforgettably stellar performances.

Address: 105 West Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85210 - MAP
Phone: (480) 559-5859

Dirty Harry's Live Music
When you are out to enjoy a great live music performance, you want to do it in an entertainment venue that has the same love and respect for the music that you do. Dirty Harry's Live Music is such a place. Everyone from the barkeeps to the stage hands work their hardest to make sure that no matter what show you are there to see, your level of enjoyment will far surpass your expectations. So, go ahead, and make your day (or night) when you enjoy the live music that Dirty Harry's has become known for.

Address: 3731 East Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85205 - MAP
Phone: (480) 641-2125

SunDust Gallery
It is quite an amazing feeling to discover how talented your neighbors are. Mesa's SunDust Gallery is the kind of place where you will be enthralled and amazed at every turn with the work that is displayed there. The gallery proudly features original paintings, sculptures, jewelry and photography that were all created by Arizona artists. Many of the pieces are for sale, and the venue not only holds regular openings and sales but also offers art classes and other family-oriented programs throughout the year.

Address: 48 West Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85201 - MAP
Phone: (480) 464-6077